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Crownover Middle School9

Corinth, TX | Denton County


August 23, 2014

I wasn't too sure about this school when we started last year. But the teachers really encourage my daughter and she improved greatly over the year. Now she is in all the advanced classes for her grade and doing great. Got to love the teachers at this school.

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August 14, 2014

This is a great school. There's no such thing as a perfect school but this is darn close. If you're not happy here, you probably won't be happy anywhere and you should probably look into homeschooling.

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May 7, 2014

I moved to the Crownover District after my child had been bullied at a previous school. I love this school and so does my child. The teachers actually care as well as 99% of the parents. I have nothing but praise for the school.

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April 7, 2014

My older daughter went to rcms. She has not ONE fond memory. My youngest daughter is getting ready to start 6th grade at rcms. She is so bright....happy....creative...loving....and has a huge imagination. I am terrified to send her to this school! I do not want the life sucked out of her. I do not know ONE child that said they liked this place. They say middle school years are tough....but I thought it was pier stuff! The staff just needs to let everyone know "who's boss"....they were bullies. I hope there has been a good change with the new principal or I will be paying for a private school. I will not go through that ever again!

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April 2, 2014

This is my first year to teach at this school. I have worked at several campuses in multiple districts and this by far is the best. My team of teachers I work with are wonderful. They truly love their job, the students, and make learning fun. My principal, Mr. Rainey, is very caring and has done a great job creating a positive moral at our campus. The vice principals are also easy to work with and make the school a great place to be. I feel valued, respected, and that we all share a common goal of raising well rounded, independent learners.

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December 12, 2013

This is one of the worst schools I've ever had to deal with. The administration is inflexible and if your child does not fall in the "normal" level of handling school and needs any extra help with schoolwork, I would find a different school. I am looking into alternatives to pull my child out of the school to another one. RMCS would rather create rules that have nothing to do with education than to make sure the kids were doing OK in the learning area.

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February 20, 2013

Staff works hard to engage students rather than give notes, homework, notes homework. Love these teachers--most stay late on a daily basis to tutor kids and will work with anyone willing. If your kid has a good work ethic, he will do well at this school.

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January 23, 2013

I am one of many parents who have moved my child out of this school this year and I am so mad at myself that I even let my child start the year at RCMS. If the parents or students don't agree with something that the principal has dictated your child's life will be made miserable. The teachers teach to the STAR test and that is it and if your child doesn't "get it" they are labeled stupid and the teachers pretty much stop helping them.

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December 20, 2012

I, as a parent would have to agree with the discrimination and lack of discipline to those who matter at this school (at the teacher level). There is definitely a double standard, and some teachers/coaches who want to fit in seem to look the other way. I would liken attitudes at RCMS to that of Hilly Holbrook and her followers from the movie "The Help". In their own minds they are the greatest people here . Even though they promote Rachael's Challenge and "Anti-Bullying" programs, In the end it's all for not. Now there are a few great teachers and principal leadership is good. Most student are not friendly or welcoming, and if your child does not fit in to their arcaic "Hilly Holbrook standards" then your chid needs to be self assured and confident enough to let whatever comes roll off their back. One last thing I firmly believe these attitudes are learned from their parents, where as one parent defended her daughter's extrumely rude behavior as "asserting herself"

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November 16, 2012

I went here 7th and 8th grade and I was constantly bullied by cheerleaders and popular people and teachers/principals/staff never believed me when I would report them. I lived in Desoto where the kids got into fist fights with teachers and when I moved and went to Crownover I constantly was bullied and never learned anything, work was put in front of us and not taught to us, with the exception of a few teachers. Also, the teachers sometimes engaged in the teasing themselves. If I could rechoose a middle school I would have gone to McMath for sure.

September 29, 2012

Our Son plays football for Crownover Middle School and we are so disappointed with coach Fishers .He does more harm than good and as a parent I think this should be addressed by the school board for all the right reasons.

December 6, 2010

I have been going to this school since the 2008-2009 school year and I am currently an 8th grader and I've gotta say this school is a wreck! Ever since the first day of school there have been complete jerks and every time I have a problem I tell the counselors and they don't even care. All the teachers do is give you an assignment and expect you to finish it without explaining the instructions. I am always completely clueless and the teachers are always rude and are unpredictable. Ronny Crownover would be disappointed by this school named after him.

May 16, 2010

I have been going to Crownover for a year, and I am not happy with the school. The material is not new, because my old school was so much more ahead of Crownover. I figured I would be relearning information, but instead I am not learning anything at all! The teachers are lazy and do not care about the students' grades. They simply jot grades down on papers and criticize us for not doing well when they don't tell us what we're learning. They are oblivious and rude. Also, the rules are very loosly implied. If I'm waisting 7 hours of my day at school, I would prefer that to be learning. But that is not happening here.

June 2, 2009

this is a great school you would be absolutely lucky to go to this school, great teachers and clean bath rooms i absolutely love this school to go to so i am really blessed that my daughter is going to this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 11, 2008

I think that this school is a joke. The teachers and pricipals only enforce dress code to thoes who appear 'not wealthy.' The pricipals ignore the students, and the teachers refuse to cooperate. The teachers do not teach. They expect the kids to do the work without an explination. And when a kid asks for one they roll thier eyes and say it to them like they are stupid. One of my teachers released us to lunch everyday but she never came back, she would always leave her students for the longest time. I do not like this school and you should reconsider letting your child go here.

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