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Ep Rayzor Elementary School10

Argyle, TX | Denton County


February 14, 2012

I have two children at EP Rayzor. We moved here from a great school so I had high expectations. This school definately met my expectations. I've been so happy with all of the teachers my children have worked with. My children love to go to school and love learning. I have no complaints at all.

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February 19, 2011

This is a beautiful school in a wonderful community, unfortunately there is no academic drive from this campus and the administration just does not recognize it. This campus teaches only to the standards of the state testing. My children are bored at this school. The staff lack creativity and do not provide supplemental work for those who are beyond average. The teachers here do not display the academic drive necessary to adequately educate and as a result the parents need to expect to homeschool in addition to sending their children here. They are content at this campus to be average. It was a dissapointment to move to this school from another state.

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October 26, 2010

Our only complaint about this school is that we're no longer zoned here! Our child went here a few years ago and this school was supportive, respected the kids, and really fostered a love of learning. It is evident that the staff is there because they love what they do, not for the paycheck. We loved that there are academic extra-curriculars available! The PTA is very actively involved, and the administrative staff was friendly. The assistant principal knew my child by name, which is impressive. My child has not had the same enthusiasm about school since leaving E. P. Razyor, and we are even thinking of moving to be back in the Rayzor zone.

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October 9, 2010

Great teachers and principals! My kids love this school!

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April 28, 2010

My son has attended EP Rayzor from K - 2nd so far, and we have been quite pleased. I only give it four stars for these reason: There was only one recess per day, for 20 minutes. In the winter, recess was often canceled due to cold weather. Also, I am not happy with the Spanish program, and my 2nd grader hates it. We have been pleased with his teachers for the most part, and we LOVE the principal. She is quick to address any issues. I would absolutely recommend sending your child here, except the recess issue and Spanish issue need to be fixed. We are moving to a different state, and are sad to leave this school.

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June 25, 2008

We moved into the school this year and we are extremely pleased. Everyone, including office staff, administration, nurses, and teachers seemed to genuinely care about the kids. My daughter was included from day 1 and made to feel very comfortable. The academics were challenging but not overwhelming. Her teacher seemed aware of the educational needs of my child and took steps to address weaknesses and encourage strengths. My daughter loved all the 'extras' including PE, art, music and computer, and coming this fall, spanish. We are thrilled with this elementary!

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September 2, 2007

My son is in 5th grade, and has been happy to go to school everyday for 3 years. I think that's amazing! Also, he is gifted, but has rarely been bored with the curriculum.

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May 30, 2007

Improve the quality of education, staff ethnic diversity and training. Kindergarten was ok. However, 2nd grader received work which was much too easy.

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September 19, 2006

I have been very pleased with EPR. I have a Kindergartener there and he has a wonderful teacher that really seems to care about my concerns/issues. I love that the asst principal knew my sons First & Last Name on the second day of school as we walked in and I love that the principal is at the door every morning also. Everyone is always smiling and seem to be very genuine. We are looking for a home in Country Lakes and are now considering building in Lantana just so we can remain at this location. I do wish there was more parent activities in the evening so full time employed parents could particiapte and get to know the other parents, but also parent participation is on every individual, and is not the schools responsibility and should not be counted against the school.

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June 19, 2006

I really don t want to give a bad report about this school because it is less than five years old. My son attended this school for his kindergarten year; I must say that his experience wasn t a very pleasant one. I am a Lantana residence, who s about to leave a master planned community over the low quality of education, that our children may receive. I can t speak for all the children, but I can honestly say that I feel that they re behind in the quality of education that they should provide to our children. I watched EP Rayzor go from being an exemplary school to just being recognized; this should speak for itself. You may also want to be concerned about your child s safety. My child was bullied and nothing was done to correct the matter.

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April 4, 2005

I have 2 children attending this school. My younger child who is now in first grade has had wonderful teachers. They couldn't in my opinion been better. I am not as impressed with the upper grade curriculum. My oldest is in 4th grade. I really do not see that she has learned much this year. My first grader has more homework than my 4rth. Could be a teacher thing? The PTA is present but the meetings are not published. I have tried to be involved. The one meeting I went to all that was done was ask to pass motions we hadn't even discussed. I am more concerned about the upper grades especially with the TAKS test than the quality of the younger grades. I have not had any dealings with the principal. He is very visible, but has an old school reputation. There are very few extracurricular activities.

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February 17, 2005

I love this school. I have 2 Kindergartens, 1 4th Grader, and 1 5th Grader here. The principle(Mr.Keys)and staff is very entrenched in teaching the kids critical character ingredients. Our kids are doing great and loving school. I go to eat with them occasionally and always here teachers saying such loving, self-esteem building comments like, 'Johnny I care about you very much, but you are going to need to put your listen ears on. The teachers that stand out for me are Ms. Rector and Ms. Adams. They are so caring and loving to there students. I can not say enough about how awesome this school is. Other teachers the kids talk well about are Ms. Anderson, Ms.Bordon, Mr.Sessions, Ms.Walton, and the music teacher, who keep the kids cracking up, Dr.Tolen. And finally the school has an excellent counselor concerned with every child s problems, ready to chat with them any time.

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May 12, 2004

We transferred from another district school when EP Rayzor opened as part of the district shift. We already had 3 years with the administrative staff that came to this elementary. The leadership is excellent. There is open communication between staff and parents and their seems to be a high level of parental involvement. We especially enjoy the monthly parent newsletter that keeps us informed of upcoming events or announcements we may otherwise miss in the realm of 4 backpacks from four active kids. While we don't particularly appreciate the whole TAKS thing - sometimes feel like Texas public schools are more interested in teaching our kids how to take a test than teaching them basic skills, our teachers and support staff at EP Rayzor make the most of their opportunties to teach our kids. We love this school and think it's one of the finest primarily because of the staff.

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